3 Effective Digital Marketing Strategies you should use in 2022

3 effective digital marketing strategies

Upgradation is the only constant when it comes to digital marketing solutions. After shifting from traditional marketing to online marketing, the industry is witnessing further evolutions.

The reason for such developments is simple: Demand. Consumers are living online and have comfortably digitized their shopping experience. A Statista report shows that 75% of online buyers shop online at least once a month. And the average penetration rate stands at a happy 63%.

Strategic approaches pull up the already impressive ROI of digital marketing services. Advancements in technology and the widespread adoption of digital marketing have led to impactful developments in the space.

3 effective Digital Marketing Strategies

A Super Office survey depicted that 86% of online buyers are willing to pay more for an engaging consumer experience. There are about 4.56 million sellers in India fighting for this. The massive levels of competition calls for a unique strategic approach to standing out.

1. Mobile Compatibility

Mobile Compatibility

92.3% of online users are on their mobile phones. Digital marketing solutions should be made inclusive of the mobile screen. Consumers are hooked to their mobiles. Developing your brand mobile compatible ensures you reach your target audience actively.

A 2019 report by Google states why mobile-compatible digital marketing solutions are crucial for progression. The survey said that 59% of users favor brands that allow them to shop through mobile phones.

Besides responsive websites, businesses must make their mark with their adaptive mobile apps for increased consumer engagement. The UI/UX offered by your brand makes or breaks your image. An attractive but essential design is critical for development.

2. Influencer Marketing

We’re living in an age controlled by social media. Influencers are people or AI that online users follow and actively listen to. Brands actively reach out to these influencers to promote their brand image and product.

6 in 10 buyers trust a product certified or used by an influencer. Influencer marketing is a unique step into innovative digital marketing services. It also proves to be cheaper than traditional marketing spending while reaching a broader consumer base.

The ROI from influencer marketing has been reported to be one of the highest among digital marketing services in Chennai.

3. Chatbot Marketing

No matter how attractive your online presence is, you will need to put in the effort to reel in customers. But this process can be automated effectively and taken out of your hands. AI Chatbots speak to your prospects and answer queries with pre-written texts.

These bots are easing communication with clients. Moreover, they act as your 24/7 salesman. Chatbots convert prospects for you in your sleep. 80% of brands agree that chatbots have improved their business services and deepened consumer relations.


Every business is shifting online. But yours can stand apart with strategic digital marketing solutions in place. Evolving with the advancements and approaching your online market with a plan ensures productive progression in your business.

Implementing the features mentioned above with assistance from the best digital marketing agency in Chennai makes your success rate concrete. Online marketing is ever-transforming, and businesses need to evolve with it.

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