What makes Flutter 2.0 a Cost-Effective for Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

Flutter 2.0 - A Cross Platform Mobile App Development

If you ask anyone with experience with app development, they will tell you that it is a costly affair. If your target audience is a mix of Android and iOS mobile users, then your budget will most likely double. If you are aiming to develop a solution for multiple platforms you will definitely like the idea of cross-platform mobile app development frameworks.

Cross-Platform Mobile App Development is a recent concept where a single codebase can be used to build apps for multiple platforms be it Android, iOS, or even web platforms. Cross-platform mobile app development frameworks are not only cost-effective, but they also simplify the process with the integration of Google toolkits like Flutter.

Flutter is an open-source software development kit to develop UI. The Google UI toolkit is a cloud-based service that documents the app database for future references, analysis, and for making improvisations and optimizations to the app.

Flutter app development services are usually regarded as superior for their immense perks for Cross-Platform Mobile App Development. Although Flutter was introduced to the market in 2017, today, it is used by 39% of the software developers globally.

In 2020, Flutter was used by 500,000 app developers every month and since 2018, Flutter has been used by 2 million users.  Cross-Platform Mobile App Development can be done on several platforms. But Flutter still beats its competitors by being cost-effective and time-saving.

Factors that make Flutter Cost-Effective for Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

Flutter is the preferred platform for Cross-Platform Mobile App Development frameworks by 75.4% of developers. It is being met with such enthusiasm and its adaptation is growing due to these key factors that make Flutter app development services cost-effective:

Hot Reload

The Hot Reload feature on Flutter helps developers see changes in real-time. This feature makes bug testing, quality testing of newly added features, and other possibilities easier and faster, this accelerates the app building process and helps to launch updates quicker than other frameworks.

Real-time results help developers and designers work closely with the app and make agile and dynamic improvements. 


Flutter offers a plugin that allows developers to access preferences that cover SharedPreferences on Android and NSUserDefault on iOS. This plugin can be used for persistent storage. The framework communicates with the app when entered into Background mode. The cache can also be cleared completely by setting an additional timer. Flutter gives access to TouchID/FP sensor on iOS and uses a plugin for the same for Android.

Unique Codebase

Flutter mobile app development company and programmers can write the code once and use it to develop apps for iOS and Android. This is one of the main reasons why Cross-Platform Mobile App Development becomes simpler and faster. Writing codes easily eliminates the need for repetitive testing on different platforms, saving time and money.

Widget Development

Flutter offers a wide library of SDK widgets while allowing developers the flexibility to build new widgets when and if needed. Widgets help in making the UI more pleasant, intuitive, and user-friendly. Flutter also allows developers to customize apps seamlessly and helps them develop apps that are transparent, safe, and engaging to reduce customer churn.

Short Testing Time

QA testing is one of the most important aspects of app development. When it comes to multi-platform app testing, the testing process can be extensive as it can involve different codes. With cross-platform mobile app development using Flutter, the same codebase can be tested for all platforms, thus, reducing the time for testing.

QA analysts can spend time analyzing the code with high-quality testing while reducing the cost of testing as few hours are required to test and deliver the application.

MVP Development

Flutter is a perfect platform for MVP apps for startups seeking investments in the apps via a mobile application. The app’s functionalities across various platforms can be shown using Flutter. Flutter helps to develop the MVP at a very reasonable cost and can be built to run on various platforms, saving time and money.

Open Source

Flutter offers an open-source framework for cross-platform mobile app development frameworks. Businesses only need to hire a flutter mobile app development company to build distinct features that are completely functional and seamlessly in sync with their business goals. This helps businesses invest in quality flutter mobile app development companies.

Easy Maintenance

Flutter mobile app development companies are developed with a low maintenance approach at low costs. The app design is made compatible with older versions of the cost model without any additional costs. This helps businesses use Flutter’s native features for enhanced app performance and interface.

Factors affecting the Cost of Flutter app development services

Flutter app development services are one of the cheapest options for Cross-Platform Mobile App Development. The cost for app development can depend based on several factors like:

Functionality and Complexity

All the applications are classified as “low”, “medium” and “high” depending on the complexity of the program. As the complexity or the number of features increases on an app platform, the cost of building the app can fluctuate depending on its complexities and functionalities.

The model and its architecture, the process of adding more functionalities and integrations, integration of third-party tools, etc. are some factors that affect the complexity of the flutter mobile app development company.

For instance, features like login are simple and can be of minimal cost. However, features like video and chat supports, navigation, and map integration can be complex and increase the cost of app development.

Design of the App

Mobile apps require an intuitive and aesthetically pleasing user interface to have more traffic and increase customer satisfaction. As designs get complicated, the flutter app development services cost can also fluctuate. As UI aims to ensure a good user experience for customers and help them interact with the product easily and seamlessly, this becomes a must-have for mobile apps.

For instance, a food delivery application must have an intuitive UI and also keep customers engaged with aesthetic designs. It must also have features like chat support, secure payment portals, GPS integration, and other features to enhance the user experience.

Testing Maintenance and Support

App development is a continuous process. The testing of the app begins from development and continues even post-launch. Updates, maintenance, and support are important aspects of app development, without which apps will fail to function normally and efficiently.

Design changes, and adding new functions and features can affect the cost of a flutter mobile app development company. It is advisable for businesses to allocate funds not just for the app development, but also for the testing, maintenance, and support of the apps.

However, flutter app development services are a relatively simple and short process, reducing these costs drastically in comparison with other Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Frameworks toolkits.

Why Choose Flutter 2.0 for Cross-Platform Mobile App Development?

Flutter has reduced the cost of app development by 20%. It has become a preferred solution for Cross-Platform Mobile App Development for many organizations and businesses globally. The new versions of Flutter released by Google have amplified the cost-saving virtue.

To summarize, flutter for Cross-Platform Mobile App Development frameworks reduces the development time greatly by eliminating the need for multiple codes for different platforms. It saves costs by reducing repetitive testing, maintenance, and support as it is a single code. It works as a perfect solution for startups and small businesses to build their MVPs. Additionally, the Hot Release feature helps developers gain real-time data for app customization and enhances the development and launch of updates and new features.

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