Your Ultimate Guide for Outsourcing Web Development in 2022

Outsourcing web development

The age-old question when building a website: Is outsourcing web development better than doing it in-house? While the cost of web development is higher in-house, businesses are afraid they’ll hire an unskilled team. But with 71% of larger websites built through outsourcing, there is an increased interest in web development services in India.

Businesses state that outsourcing web development catalyzes their scalability. 57% of SMBs agree to have outsourced their services to focus on their core activities. With a professional website development company in India, you save time, build an attractive image, and add professionalism to your brand image.

A very popular statistic released by Google mentioned that users take 0.05 seconds to form an opinion on your brand solely through your website. That is, websites are a sensitive hit or miss. Your website makes or breaks your business, and it is highly crucial that you get it just right.

Should you Outsource Web Development?

Apple and other Fortune 500 companies have outsourced their web development. But is it the right decision for you? A popular survey by Deloitte mentions that companies outsource primarily to cut costs, focus on the core of the business and solve capacity issues.

Outsourcing web development is apt when your business services need extensive focus and could benefit from a professional website. It’s advisable to list your goals and preferences to decide whether you should hire a web development company in India.

Benefits of outsourcing web development

Online reputation is core to your business and brand image in the digital era. Your website is the face of your brand and represents you on all fronts. Getting professional assistance on your web development ensures a seamless experience for your users. But it has other benefits as well.

1. Cut costs

Building a website sounds simple, but it is not an easy process. Creating an effective website representing your business involves many complications and expertise. Proper auditing, responsiveness, and an interactive interface are required to make things professional.

Naturally, this calls for a massive dent in the budget when doing it in-house. Outsourcing web development helps organizations cut both financial and opportunity costs. An in-house web development team will lead to overhead expenses and time constraints that exceed your original budget.

2. Save time

Training a team, going through trial and error, and coordinating amongst the differences of opinions require time. A time that isn’t available for you to spend. In the intense start-up ecosystem of India, how soon you launch your business also determines your success rate.

A market report stated that launch delays had crippled start-ups out of the industry. Competitors leap and lead the industry when other businesses delay their launch.

Drew Houston, the CEO of DropBox said companies lose out in market demand with delays in the launch. Outsourcing web development ensures a speedy, impactful development of your business’s online presence.

3. Get access to professional tools

When building websites, you are only as good as your tools. Your in-house team can develop websites, but they will not be up to date with the latest trends or have access to trending tools. A professional website development company uses its expertise and functionality to utilize the most fitting features in your website.

The broader skill set and external perspective from outsourcing web development freshen your website from its foundation. The professionals will cater to needs that your in-house team might not be aware of. Website speed, usability, and security updates are integral aspects businesses often overlook.

Technology evolves consistently, and it’s hard to keep track of the advancements. Showcasing modernism on your website helps you gain an edge over your competitors.

Steps to identify the right web development team

Searching for a professional website development company is simple. But you’re supposed to find the right web developer for your business specifically. Their vision and expertise should match your requirements.

1. Define your project goal

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to outsourcing web development. The company that fits you depends on the project’s end goals and requirements. The purpose of your website, the problem it aims to solve, and the target audience should be defined clearly before searching to find effective web development services in India.

2. Decide on a time and budget.

A preliminary to finding the right web development company in India is to keep track of the time and money you can afford to spend on the project. The website’s scale, nature, and complexity play a factor in defining the fundamentals.

You don’t want to overshoot your budget in terms of time or money. Identifying a web development company that fits your frame is relevant.

3. Run a background check

Amongst the options that fit your criteria above, you need to handpick the web development companies that match your project specifications. The idea is to identify companies with the capability and resources to uplift your company productively.

Look for companies that showcase a strong portfolio in your industry and have testimonials to back it. A successful past track record implies future success. Consider hopping on a discovery call with your shortlist to see if they understand your business and audience.


Outsourcing web development is an integral step in setting up your business within a specific time frame. Framing your web design, deciding the layout, and articulating your approach is time-consuming.

Building your brand’s website in-house requires your team to implement your vision perfectly through a learning curve. And if the result is unsatisfactory, it turns out to be a waste of time and money.

A report by HubSpot showed that 75% of online buyers assess the credibility of a business through its website. An unprofessional, underkept website is a major turn-off and drives away your prospects. Consequently, more and more companies are openly outsourcing web development to ensure that everything sits flawlessly.

A well-researched, professional website development company transforms your business growth prospects with an unmatchable ROI. Outsourcing web development is highly recommended when you’re short on time, money, and human capital.

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