Mobile App Development Process from Idea to Launch

Mobile App Development process

Ever since the advent of smartphones in the past couple of decades, the market has been blown wide open with marketing potential. Having a cutting-edge mobile app development process for a brand can catapult it to new leagues of visibility in the public eye. However, there’s always healthy competition in the sector to stake out a spot in the App Store/Play Store’s top rankings. The palm-sized app interfaces we count as a part of everyday life today don’t appear magically once they’re conceptualized. There’s an entire assembly line of resources and staff that goes into making a mobile app to see the light of day, and in this article, we’ll be covering the process behind mobile app development services.

Mobile App Development process: The Groundwork

When a promising concept for a mobile app is being floated to potential developers, the preliminary stage deals with establishing the building blocks to develop a mobile app.

General Purpose:

What requirement does your app solve?


What requirement does your app solve?

Rollout Schedule:

What sort of timeline do you have in mind for the app rollout?

Once the broad strokes are filled out, you will have a rough skeleton for your mobile app development process. Most mobile app development companies in India will offer you full flexibility in terms of how you want to shape your app right from the prototype stage. Once the WBS (Work-Breakdown-Structure) has been finalized for your app concept, you’ll be all set to move on to the next stage of the mobile app development process.

Mobile App Development Services: The Business Aspect

Before entering the production cycle of developing the app, custom mobile app development companies in Chennai (and beyond in India) will give you a complete breakdown of the business parameters involved with the project. This is the business end of mobile app development that analyses projected value to paint a cohesive picture of the market niche that the app will fit in. Mobile app development companies in Chennai offer a comprehensive suite of analysis solutions towards this end, such as:

Test solutions

This is a staple in most mobile app development services in Chennai. Agencies weigh different use cases to gauge effective functionality for the app concept and leverage it for maximum market potential. A comprehensive report is generated by the mobile app development company at the end of testing.

Cost estimation

Whether it’s a free-to-use app or a freemium offering, all apps cost a significant amount of money to make. From buying server space and maintaining them, coding the software, and working on updates, knowing the costs associated with app production is key.

Once all the particulars are finalized, your custom mobile app development company in India will move on to making things official with an NDA.

The Importance of NDAs

  • An NDA is a non-disclosure agreement that serves to protect the interests of both the client and the mobile app development services agency.
  • The NDA contains a definitive list of all the specifics of the mobile app project, from deliverables to milestones and available assets/files.

Once the signatures are on file, the mobile app development services team can begin production of the app in earnest, beginning with wireframing.

What Is Wireframing?

The wireframe of a mobile app is the roadmap that evolves and lists the specific methods to take the app from concept to execution. The wireframe is the go-to schematic for all teams working on the app to collaborate on the end product. Common wireframe software used by custom mobile app development companies in Chennai includes AdobeXD & Balsamiq.

The Technical Side

Once the preliminary production work is sorted out, the mobile app development process kicks into a new gear of production & design. The steps vary based on the scope and nature of the app, but the general demarcations are:

UI/UX & Style Manualling:

From color palettes to overall theme and navigation, everything is agreed upon.

Software, Tech & APIs:

The technical groundwork to develop a mobile app is laid out. Companies usually work with API templates after due market research and focus testing.

Coding & Dev Cycles:

The operational core of the mobile app is developed, along with bug testing and milestone maintenance.

App Testing:

Once a stable build is achieved, the next step in the mobile app development process is to run rigorous tests in the interest of QA.

Deployment & Post-Production Support:

Developing a mobile app doesn’t end once the product is successfully launched! To maintain brand image, it’s crucial that the development team offers consistent updates and optimizes the app for streamlined usage.

Of course, the complete scope of mobile app development is a tad too large to condense into one blog article. The breakdown mentioned here gives you a general breakdown of the workflow of the average mobile app development company in India. However, many questions might still linger. How much does mobile app development in Chennai cost? How time-intensive is it? That’s where we at Minitzon come in.

The Minitzon Advantage

As a company dedicated to developing cutting-edge digital solutions, Minitzon offers effective mobile apps tailor-made for your specific requirements. We have carved a niche for ourselves as a reputed custom mobile app development company in Chennai that caters to client needs with a meticulous eye for attention and excellence. Contact us today to get started with your top-notch mobile app development process!

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