Top 9 Trends in Cloud Computing Solutions

Importance of Cloud Computing Importance of Cloud Computing

Since the pandemic, Cloud Computing has taken an exponential growth rate by businesses globally for various reasons. Dynamic workplaces, travel restrictions, need to decrease contact and touch have led to businesses adapting to solutions with increased accessibility, scalability, visibility, centralization, and security.

These are some impressive stats that highlight the benefits of implementing cloud computing solutions:

  • 94% of the businesses saw an improvement in security after implementing cloud according to RapidScale.
  • 20% of cloud users say that disaster recovery claims can be done within 4 hours.
  • According to a report by Dell, companies that implemented cloud computing solutions for security, mobility and big data saw a 53% faster revenue growth than their competitors.
  • Based on an InformationWeek survey, 65% of the respondents said that cloud environments in businesses can help meet business demands quickly.
  • Sunny Delight, a beverage company claims that it increased profits by about USD 2 million and made close to 192,000 in staffing costs using cloud-based business insights.
  • PCWorld discovered that 50% of loud adapters did not seem to require additional internal IT resources when using cloud computing.
  • 77% of cloud-based businesses claim they are at a competitive advantage by using cloud computing solutions and 16% of the businesses claimed that this advantage was significant.

Importance of Cloud Computing Today

Businesses store their data on hard disks and computer hardware servers prior to cloud computing solutions. As businesses grow, there emerges a need for larger storage space or server rooms. This puts an extensive strain on businesses.

The additional cost of acquiring new hardware, expanding facilities for server rooms, maintenance, operations, and IT HR becomes expensive and unsustainable.

Cloud computing not only eliminates the need for physical storage facilities and hardware, but it also allows for easier scalability, transparency, easy date accessibility, improved security, and enables collaboration among users.

Data Backup and Data Recovery are other driving features of cloud computing that enable data to be saved securely by the cloud service provider and disaster recovery can facilitate instant recovery of data when the untoward happens.

Importance of Cloud Computing Technology

Top 9 Trends for Cloud Computing solutions

Cloud computing technology is developing at a rapid speed and is gaining traction everywhere. The cloud computing industry is expected to grow to USD 623.3 billion by 2023. There are some driving trends of cloud computing that will result in such growth.

1.   Cloud AI

AI-enabled cloud computing solutions with machine learning are used to optimize several processes in businesses. Massive data sets can be easily accessed with an AI-enabled cloud. AI-enabled cloud services by cloud services providers in India are greatly efficient to allow scalability of AI technology throughout the cloud infrastructure for better processes.

Cloud strategy consulting services in India are great assets that help with building AI Cloud for businesses based on their needs.

2. Evolving SaaS operations

Some of the top cloud service providers in India offer great possibilities for SaaS operations. Cloud computing solutions for SaaS include Cloud Migration services that allow cloud platforms to host and store massive data for easy availability and mobility.

Specialist cloud consulting solutions can be harnessed by businesses today for migration and operations.

3.   Heightened Security

Cloud computing solutions are focused on ensuring that cloud platforms are secure with multiple security checks and elements integrated into the build. With data being made accessible and mobile, to ensure the safety of sensitive data, cloud solutions come with strong security features with multiple authorization facilities to keep data safe and secure.

4. Sustainable Cloud Solutions

With cloud cost optimization services businesses can choose affordable and sustainable cloud technology for their businesses. Cloud cost optimization not only saves immense capital for the company in the long run but also increases productivity, increases ease of use, facilitates transparency and collaboration among its users. This additionally contributes to the ROI of cloud solutions.

5. Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration Service is a futuristic solution where applications and feature codes are deployed continuously for minimal development time and quicker time to market. Continuous deployment services are extensively preferred by dynamic businesses that need products to be deployed regularly to the market without delay or product quality compromise.

6. Serverless Cloud Technology

Serverless development companies in India for cloud build solutions for business and use cloud providers that need not require a physical set up at their premises. This is a modern technology that is predominantly preferred by businesses scalability, mobility, and no requirement DevOps consulting services. The cloud providers are guaranteeing 100% uptime and pay as you use the model. All IT tasks can be handled by the cloud provider. All those businesses require to do is upload the data.

7. Kubernetes Supremacy

Kubernetes consulting services offering Kubernetes services help businesses overcome several limitations with cloud technology. It is a leading technology that improves efficiencies and productivity across the enterprise. Kubernetes is a management solution that is used for the containerization of applications, microservices, and serverless architecture.

8. Microservices Technology

The technology provided by microservices consulting services builds technology that is light weighted and loosely coupled. This allows for simplified deployments, stable and reliable. Microservices show great fault tolerance as one fall out will not affect the remaining units. They are also easy to scale and increase time-to-market.

9. DevSecOps Technology

DevSecOps consulting services are in their prime as IT services today demand transparency and seamless implementations with high security for their cloud computing solutions. With vulnerability scanning, scheduled security scanning, and penetration testing, DevSecOps consulting companies are delivering DevSecOps solutions for businesses on the go.

Final Thoughts

Cloud-based solutions are increasingly evolving and are showing promising development. Soon cloud computing solutions will be accessible, more affordable, and adaptable. When businesses incorporate cloud solutions for their businesses, it is important to note that the needs and requirements for the business must be recognized.

Cloud computing solutions are robust and open endless possibilities for their users. Beginning from increasing productivity and efficiency to creating a collaborative environment with intense security features, cloud solutions are slowly shaping the workplace and operations and processes for businesses globally. All businesses irrespective of the scale can make use of cloud technology in digital transformation technology companies and witness significant ROI in no time.

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