How much does website development cost in India? Top 6 factors for companies to consider.

Website Development Cost in India

First impressions matter and company websites are valid proof. A strong online presence is a crucial prerequisite for an enterprise to function. 8 in 10 buyers head to a company’s website before making a purchase.

As per the web credibility research by Stanford, 75% of consumers make their decision about a business’s credibility after visiting its website. A 2018 study among Americans has shown that 81% of the citizens of the country do research on their own before making any purchase decision. Thus, a website plays an integral part in lead generation as well as conversion.

How much does website development cost in India?

Can you make it fit your budget? Normally, companies set their own priorities and prepare a budget accordingly.

However, the cost of web development in India depends on very particular factors. These include the company’s type, size, products or services, and more. It can be boiled down to the following:

  • Simple constructor-based website
  • Basic website with primary functions
  • An average website with added features
  • Complex website with updated features and advanced technologies

While small start-ups often start their journey with a simple or a basic website and upgrade as they grow, mid-sized or big-scale organizations go for an average or complex website to serve the business purpose. While budgeting the website development cost, a smart approach is to break it down into different heads:

1. Domain purchase

Purchasing a domain is the first step to securing the name of a business website. Domain costs can vary based on the types of domains and the agencies selling the domains. The different kinds of domains are as follows:

  • Top-Level Domains (TLDs)
  • Country Code Top-Level Domains (ccTLDs)
  • Generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs)
  • Second-Level Domains (SLDs)
  • Third-Level Domains

Enterprises can compare prices offered by domain-selling agencies such as Google, GoDaddy, and BlueHost, to make a wise decision as per their business goals. In India, based on their types, the cost of a domain can vary between Rs.87-Rs.1000 per month.

2. Website hosting

Website hosting is the next important part of website building after registering a domain. In India, it ranges between Rs.69-25,999 per month. The price of website hosting is decided as per the type of hosting an enterprise chooses, and other factors like domain, traffic, servers, and more.

The different types of website hosting are shared web hosting, virtual private network (VPN) hosting, dedicated hosting, cloud web hosting, and more. While shared hosting plans are economical, VPN hosting and dedicated hosting allow more independence to control a website.

Take a look at the average expenses for three basic types of hosting:

  • Shared hosting: Rs.1,500-18,000 per year
  • VPN: Rs.5,000-50,000 per year
  • Dedicated hosting: Rs.50,000-1,00,000 per year

When it comes to website hosting, enterprises usually make their website secure with a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate. It may cost somewhere between Rs.500-Rs.2000. This additional certification makes a website much safer for its users by protecting it from possible threats.

3. Theme and logo design

A website’s theme and logo are usually decided per the organization’s brand identity. The look and feel of the website are major factors behind the generation of leads. Enterprises can go for free as well as paid themes for their websites available in CMS like WordPress. Paid themes can be conveniently customized as per business requirements with the help of additional plugins.

Features like live chat support and a payment gateway can also be easily incorporated into the website theme. Usually, the cost of a website theme can vary between Rs.0-8000, and the cost of getting a professional logo designed can be between Rs.2000-6000.

4. Content development and management

Besides the main website content describing their products or services, enterprises also require additional content for marketing and promotional activities. This needs long-term engagement with a content partner, whether an organization or an individual. In a business website, the following types of content are quite common:

  • Landing pages
  • Blogs
  • Visual content (images, screenshots, infographics, memes, presentations)
  • Webinars and podcasts
  • CTAs
  • Content assets (white papers, brochures, user manuals, case studies, etc.)

As per research, 65% of people are visual learners, so websites with sufficient visual content have a high chance of visibility.

The price of web content development typically varies based on the type of requirement. Approximately, it can be between Rs.200-800 per page.

 It is important to note that while an individual freelancer can develop good content at a standard price, a content marketing firm is comparatively expensive. However, the latter can also provide SEO and technical support, which has made it a popular choice among organizations.

5. Website maintenance

After the setup and launch of their website, organizations usually go all way to ensure it is working properly to rule out business loss. That’s why the majority of web development services provide an annual package for website maintenance at a minimal cost. This cost can vary between Rs.10,000-2,00,000 per year.

6. Other paid features

Enterprises often install certain paid features on their website to generate leads, resolve customer complaints, guide users through the website, take payments, increase the speed of the site, and more.

Here are some of the features and their probable expenses:

  • Ecommerce features, including UPI integration (Rs.20,000-30,000)
  • Live chat (Rs.500-2,000)
  • Mobile responsiveness (Rs.1,000-5,000)
  • API integration (Rs.1,000-7,000)

When a business prepares a tentative budget for website development, they also need to keep in mind the service charges of individuals or organizations behind the website’s design and overall development.


While small enterprises usually look for an affordable cost, they may prefer engaging a few independent freelancers for this. For large enterprises, quality, security, and scopes of communication are the usual priorities, so hiring a web development company in India can be more effective in these regards.

The real cost of website development is dictated by the organization’s goals, preferences, and size. What is a need for one company’s website may be a luxury of another. It’s important to define your goals to identify an accurate website development cost in India.

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