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Cloud & Devops Services

Want a safe and risk-free storage delivery system? Try our premium cloud computing services, supported by reliable cloud platforms like google cloud, AWS cloud, IBM cloud platforms, we also use the market coherent DevOps technologies like Azure DevOps and AWS DevOps with our authentic DevOps services, our cloud technologies caters to all platforms, Infrastructure, and software services for all types of cloud-based applications.

Cloud Strategy & Consulting

Boost your business with lucrative cloud strategy. Cloud migration is trusted by a number of professional businesses. Amongone of the top cloud consulting companies in India, set up a migration now. Have all your cloud guidance and assistance taken care of, with no interruptions.
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Cloud Migration

Use native implementation services, supported by a notable AWS migration system. Store all of your data in a dedicated cloud migration network. Enjoy curated end to end cloud migration solutions.
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Cloud Optimization

Use cloud optimization offerings and techniques to get the most out of your cloud network. Enhance and optimise cloud services according to the needs of your business. Partner with the cloud cost optimization experts in India.
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Receive the highest service quality with the best DevSecOps Transformation Consulting company in India. Safeguard your information in a secure computing system. Enjoy the benefit of integrated surveillance development operations. With access to the highest devsecops technologies, we provide a reliable grant of your data.
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Continuous Integration

Facilitate both, continuous integration, and continuous development of your business. By finding the perfect configuration for your apps, elevate your positive data. We utilise the most up-to-date DevOps CI technologies available on the market. This is the hallmar of an advanced continuous-integration service provider in India
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Continuous Delivery

A skilled and certified team of professionals at your assistance whenever you need. The process of creating and testing the software using industry-leading CD technologies has been fruitful for us. Our skillset covers enabled rapid continuous delivery as a major continuous deployment service provider in India.
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We are a masterful microservices development service in India. With the aid of improvised microservice architecture, we create multiple types of goods and services. With well-planned organisation, your business strategy will always be in focus. We utilise major microservice providers like Azure microservices and AWS microservices.
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Design a fully-serverless or partially-serverless architecture for your merchandise. Make the most of have the backing of an experienced a Serverless Framework partner and serverless app development firm. As serverless computing service providers in India, enjoy the utility of AWS Lambda, API Gateway, AWS Dynamo DB, AWS Step Functions, and other technologies. Ensure that your infrastructure is scalable and cost-effective.
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Kubernetes Consulting

We are a trusted and accredited Kubernetes consulting service in India. Our offered services come across a variety of Kubernetes platforms, including Azure Kubernetes, AWS Kubernetes, and Google Kubernetes.
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24*7 Maintenance and Support

We provide 24/7 support and mobile app maintenance. Your solutions are curated professionally whenever it's convenient for you. Make the modifications and flexible adjustments you want thanks to lifetime application maintenance services.
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At Minitzon, there is continuous learning that happens as we work on various projects. We also love to update and upgrade with the latest innovations in the field of technology and apps. Check out our Blog section for more information.

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