Software Quality Assurance and Automation Testing

Software and technology are continuously evolving as innovation takes the front seat. Software quality assurance by experienced software testing company in India can ensure seamless user experiences throughout.

Trusted Software Testing Company in India

Rapid technological advancements and new scopes like Social Platforms, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud (SMAC) have increased the demand for dynamic software quality assurance. By prioritizing software testing engineering and QA testing, you can ensure a seamless user experience on your platforms and optimize the customer experience.

At Minitzone, we follow a result-driven and forwards thinking approach to software testing engineering. This enables us to reduce errors, and overall cycle time and minimizes bugs. As one of the top automation testing companies, we empower businesses with automated and manual testing services.

Our software testing services company adheres to industry standards and best practices for software testing engineering. Our team of dedicated QA engineers performs quality testing with robust technology to unlock reliable, scalable, and robust software solutions.


Why Minitzon for Software testing services?

Take your business to the next level with the leading Software testing company in Chennai

Highest Software Quality

Experts at Minitzon software testing company in Chennai use forward technology and QA testing tools to ensure a seamless user experience for your customers.

Cost Saving

As a leading software testing company in India, we adopt the best techniques and tools coupled with the best in the industry to take care of software testing assurance for your business at a reasonable cost

Fast Delivery

Our best minds adhere to strict deadlines and deliver fast solutions with no compromises on the quality. We are dedicated to delivering the best and fastest solution to all our customers.

Agile Testing

Minitzon software testing services company in Chennai uses an agile, intuitive and rapid approach towards software quality assurance to ensure that our customers’ needs are met on time and exceeds expectations.

Innovative Approach

As a leading software testing company in India, we adopt an innovative approach to all our projects to meet the custom needs of our clients. No matter what the issues are, our software testing engineering skills tops the charts and are fully equipped to deliver the perfect solutions for your clients.

Increased Transparency

We maintain transparent and frequent communication with our clients with effective communication silos in place to ensure that they are involved every step of the way in the project. This helps us understand customer needs better and cater to them efficiently and accurately.

End-to-end Software Testing Services

Minitzon Software testing company aims to meet the full range of QA Testing within solid deadlines to deliver high-quality software to the end customer.
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Web Testing

It is highly essential for a company’s website to be up and running at all times. It cannot afford to have bugs or errors. Minitzon software testing company in Chennai ensures that all aspects of your website are functioning and are devoid of broken pages. This helps to increase more traffic to your website and ensures growth to your business with solid software testing engineering.

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Mobile / Device Testing

A mobile application or device software must prioritize user experience. As a business, you would not want to lose customers due to a poor user interface or bugs on the mobile application. As an automation testing company, we use modern technology for software quality assurance to provide the highest user experience for your end-users.

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Load & Performance Testing

When a web application faces a high load, poorly hosted sites usually crash or prevent users from experiencing the product to its full. With Minitzon, the best software testing services company and its team, you can test, monitor and rectify any issues with loading, bugs, or other performance issues of your web application.

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Security Testing

When it comes to security, Google and your customer will not compromise! Making sure that your client’s data is safe on your software is vital. Our software quality assurance and software testing engineering knowledge and skills can build and secure your software to ensure the best user experience for your customers.

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Test Automation

Minitzon is one of the few automation testing companies that has perfected the skill of making fixes and software quality assurance without any hitches. Our skilled IT teams can software testing engineering software to ensure that your software runs smoothly and bug-free. As the best software testing company in India, we guarantee crisp and smooth automation software for your business.

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Robotic Process Automation

Robotic automation is a way of reducing your workload and giving you the time to focus on the core activities of your business and its big picture. The robotic process automation technology can be set up by automation testing companies like Minitzon to interact with customers or applications, collect data and so much more.

Types of Software Testing Services in India

By identifying issues and bugs in the early stages of product development, we eliminate costly reworks and poor software performance.

Automated Testing Services

At Minitzon software testing company in Chennai uses modern technology for agile and accurate testing. With simulated scenarios and skilled QA experts, we are able to deduce issues, bugs and errors and make timely and effective fixes.

Manual Testing Services

Minitzon’s Manual Testing Services helps replicate user behaviour, with consistent processes to eliminate all the bugs along the way. Our tests cases and plans make the software testing assurance services reliable, quality rich and error-free.


Software Testing Services for Various Industries

Software and application have become the backbone for companies in today’s digital era. establishing modern technology with firm QA testing ensures a seamless flow and limitless possibilities for business. Software Quality Assurance equips businesses with expandable and reliable technology, designed to shape the future.


When it comes to healthcare, one can have no errors or bugs causing delays or crashes. Automation resting companies like Minitzon has a team of experts in the field to test healthcare-related software and applications.

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All retail businesses need is a fast, safe and reliable platform to interact with their customers. By prioritizing software quality assurance services by software testing company, Minitzon, your retail platforms can gain more traction and boost sales in no time.

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Supply Chain

Real-time updates, massive data loads and instant reporting can be possible with software that is devoid of bugs, issues and errors. With a skilled software testing company in India like Minitzon, your supply chain operations can increase efficiency and accuracy.

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Financial & Insurance

Security and compliance with regulations are very significant factors in Financial and insurance software. Software testing company in India like Minitzon are updated and are experienced in implementing the best QA testing techniques and tools to ensure the safe, smooth and fast performance of the user platforms.

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Software testing engineering is pivotal in the automobile industry. It ensures that all systems are calibrated and seamlessly integrated to work in unison. Automation testing companies like Minitzon ensure the best software quality assurance for automobiles.

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Manufacturing & Distribution

Manufacturing and Distribution software are prone to see more bugs and errors with its massive user data and user count. Minitzon, the leading software testing company in Chennai, can be your fortress to fix these problems and keep your processes and operations continuous.

Experience Technology to the Fullest with Minitzon Software Testing Company

Our Clients

Knowledge Bank

At Minitzon Software Testing company in India, we believe in continuous learning and expanding our knowledge and expertise. We stay up to date with the latest innovations to cater to customers’ needs better and build quality deliverables. Take a look at our Blogs sections for more resources on software testing engineering.

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      Frequently asked questions

      Why should I choose Minitzon for testing & quality analysis?

      Minitzon is a leading software testing company in Chennai. We have a robust team of QA specialists with experience in diverse fields and high industry knowledge of modern technology and tools. We offer end-to-end software testing assurance services at reasonable costs with timely deliveries and uncompromised quality.

      Do you offer automation testing services?

      Yes. We are one of the reputed Automation Testing Companies in India.

      Will there be any hidden cost for software testing & quality analysis services?

      No. all our packages for software testing & quality analysis services are reasonable and everything will be charged as per our discussions at the beginning of the project undertaking.
      Meet with our QA experts and consultants for more details.

      How do you price your software testing services?

      When it comes to cost for software testing & quality analysis services, they are priced based on the following factors. Prevention costs, Detection costs, Internal failure costs, and external failure costs. Your quote will be priced based on the requirement and nature of the project.
      Meet with our QA experts and consultants for more details.

      Does the Company work on a testing package based?

      Our software quality assurance packages are customisable based on the needs of your company.
      Meet with our QA experts and consultants for more details.

      Do you provide Mobile application testing?

      Yes. Minitzon software testing company in India offers Mobile Application Testing services for various natures of apps. Our software quality assurance services are delivered by QA experts who are skilled in specific niches to ensure a great user experience for the end customer.

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